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Popular Downloads

  • Madigan Simpson Desert Crossing Notes   0k - 15 Jun 2012, 18:57 by Gordon Kay (v1)
    ‎Discover Cecil Thomas Madigan remarkable Arunta / Simpson Desert Crossing of 1939. Correct dates and locations have been identified after much reseach. Lots of early photos included. (~33 Pages and 7Mb) WARNING - If you intend to do this trip be well prepared and travel as a group. It is an extreme trip on vehicles and peoples and you will need extensive 4WD and survival skills. Permits are also required. Madigan was lucky to make it across and saved by unexpected rain.‎
  • Outback Travel Itinerary   0k - 15 Jun 2012, 18:34 by Gordon Kay (v1)
    ‎Lots of great information if you are traveling along the Oodnadatta, Simpson Desert and Birdsville tracks. Discovery the hidden secrets, hardship of early explores and our history. Trip notes for 16 days travel and lots of facts for kids and 4WD groups. (~136 Pages / 18Mb)‎
  • Birdsville & Strzelecki Track Heritage   0k - 1 Jun 2012, 20:47 by Gordon Kay (v1)
    ‎Birdsville & Strzelecki track Heritage report put out by Department for Environment and Heritage. Lots of great information in this very large document. 540 Pages 22MB‎
  • Oodnadatta Track Heritage   0k - 1 Jun 2012, 18:52 by Gordon Kay (v1)
    ‎Oodnadatta Track Heritage report put out by Department for Environment and Heritage. Lots of great information in this very large document. The link is to sections 1 only but you can open the other sections from the table of contents near the front of the document.‎
  • map-outback-south-australia.pdf   942k - 2 Aug 2011, 21:47 by Gordon Kay (v1)
    ‎Map of Outback South Australia‎
  • Furphy Water Tanks   0k - 29 Jan 2011, 00:35 by Gordon Kay (v1)
    ‎Iconic Furphy Water Tank History along with a list of end cap designs.‎
  • Pearson Water Tanks History.pdf   678k - 5 Dec 2010, 06:56 by Gordon Kay (v1)
    ‎From Ship to the Bush: Ship Tanks In Australia by MICHAEL PEARSON. Dotted about the Australian landscape in the most unexpected locations are large square rusty iron tanks. These cubic, mild steel containers are called ship tanks, and had their origin as shipping containers for water or perishable goods.‎
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