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Equipment Barrett Communications designs, manufacturers and markets HF and VHF radio equipment . Link contains good information on how HF raidos work. 
Equipment Camp Ovens by Furphy - Furphy are also the makers of the iconic water carts with the cast ends being found all over Australia. Also "Furphy" is Australia slang for a rumour, or an erroneous or improbable story. 
Equipment Codan HF communications equipment 
Equipment Electric Bug - SA supplier of UHF, HF, GPS and much more. Good advice and sound product knowledge 
Equipment Engel Fridges - Trusted for their great reliability, tough construction, superb performance and longevity. 
Equipment GME - Australian designed and manufacturers world class communications systems. 
Equipment GPS units from GPSOZ. Good advice and good product range 
Equipment Navman GPS systems 
Equipment Outback Communications Equipment and Information 
Equipment Phonetic Alphabet 
Equipment Pivotel is a leading supplier with satellite services. Pivotel offers two networks, Iridium and Globalstar. Stay intouch with family and friends anywhere. 
Equipment Primus Camping Product Range 
Equipment Redarc - One of the best range of quality 12V electrical products for real 4WD adventure. Best of all, produced in Australia for our conditions. 
Equipment Tents - Quality Tents by COI / Primus 
Equipment Toyota 70 Series of real off road vehicles 
Equipment Transceiver Services P/L SA supplier of radio and gps systems 
Event Ghan Railway 
Event Overland Telegraph Line - History 1870-72 
Event Overland Telegraph Line - Movie doco - A Wire Through The Heart 
Event Pages of SA & NT history with excellent research on events and people 
Explorers Explorers - A short list of early explorers along with a basic overview of each. 
Explorers Explorers - Journals of Australian Land and Sea Explorers and Discoverers. Lots of complet books that you can view online or doownload free. Project Gutenberg Australia 
Explorers Explorers - Trailblazing the Australian interior. Lots of interesting facts on early explorers such as Leichhardt, Burke and Wills, Lawson, Macquarie, Lasseter, Tietkens etc. Very well put together - State Library NSW 
Explorers Flinders' and Baudin's Expeditions 
Explorers History on Early Australia Explorer 
Explorers Madigan, Cecil Thomas (1889-1947), geologist and exceptional explorer from Renmark South Australia. 
Forums 4WD World - Interesting site with some good information for all remote travellers 
Forums ExplorOZ - Lots of information here including members notes on recent trips, online shop and lots of current news. Very extensive 
Forums Railway information for Asutralia and New Zealand 
Geographic Ediacara Fossil Site - Nilpena 
Geographic Minerials and Fossils of Australia 
Groups 4WD Clubs - Extensive list of 4WD Clubs in Australia 
Groups Farina Restoration Group - Rebuilding our outback history 
Groups Friends of the Great Victoria Desert 
Groups Friends of the Simpson Desert Group 
libraries Explorers & Culture - Lot of infor here to get up to speed quickly on our history. Links to explorers journals, Aboriginal cultures and mapping Australia - project 
Libraries AIATSIS Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Cultures and histories information 
Libraries Australian Museum - Great referance on all areas 
Libraries Extensive historical Information about South Australia and the Northern Territory. Great site but turn down your speakers before opening. 
Libraries Mapping Australia's coastline. covers Flinders and Cook. Lots of links and early maps. 
Libraries Project Gutenberg Australia eBooks relating to Australian Explorers 
Libraries SA - Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Lots of easy to download and view heritage documents 
Libraries The Australian Dictionary of Biography is Australia's pre-eminent dictionary of national biography. In it you will find concise, informative and fascinating descriptions of the lives of over 12,000 significant and representative persons in Australian history. 
Maps Hema maps - Very clear maps with a strong focus on remote travel and points of interest. 
Maps History Pin - Maps with old photos and info about places!/geo:-34.933,138.6/zoom:7/ 
Maps Maps - View old maps of the world 
Maps West Print Maps - Outback maps with a focus on historic points of interest. I like these maps. 
Misc BOM Bureau of Meteorology is Australia's national weather, climate and water agency. 
Misc BOM National Radar and Satellite image. Up to date. 
Misc BOM South Australia - The Bureau of Meteorology is Australia's national weather, climate and water agency. 
Misc Rail History by AustralAsia Railway Corporation that operate the Ghan and other railway systems in Australia 
Misc Road SA Conditions 
People Aboriginal Tribes - Catalogue by location via map. drill down to tribe for more details. SA Museum 
People Furphy - The History of Furphy's Foundry and John Furphy. Good - Better - Best 
People Len Beadell is regarded as the "last true Australian Explorer" for opening up over 2.5 million square kilometres of rugged Australian Outback. Great site and lots of info. 
People SA & NT History - Lots of great information on early explorers 
People Sprigg, Reg - well known Australian geologist. Best remembered as the discoverer of the Ediacara biota animal fossils, Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, Involved with oid and gas finds for SANTOS and founder of Beach Petroleum. 
Places ACT Place Names 
Places Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary Flinders Ranges, South Australia 
Places Australian National Placenames Survey (ANPS) prepares the national database of geographical names 
Places Australian place names with Aboriginal origin 
Places Birdsville & Strzelecki Tracks Heritage Survey 
Places Farina - The Rise and Fall of an Inland Transport Town by Rob Olston 
Places Flinders Ranges History, People and Places 
Places Geoscience Australia provides geoscientific information and knowledge which enables government and community to make informed decisions. 
Places German Place Names - During World War I anti-German feeling ran high in South Australia so here is a list of the former and current names. 
Places Great Artesian Basin information and how it works 
Places History Pin - Pin up old photos and info about places!/geo:-34.933,138.6/zoom:7/ 
Places Native Wells in the Simpson Desert 
Places NSW Place Names 
Places NT Place Names 
Places Overlander 4X4 list of destinations 
Places Park Passes including Outback Australia 
Places Qld Place Names 
Places SA & NT History - Lots of great information on places 
Places SA Place Names - The State Gazetteer is a database of place names in South Australia 
Places Simpson Desert French Line history 
Places Tas Place Names (No search or listing available) 
Places Township of Marree 
Places Towns in Australia aims to give you detailed background information on every city and small town in this huge country. 
Places Upper North SA - Department for Environment and Heritage District Councils of Mount Remarkable and Peterborough, Northern Areas and parts of Orroroo/Carrieton and the Regional Councils of Goyder and Port Pirie. 
Places Vic Place Names 
Places WA Place Names 
Places Woomera - History of Woomera. List of events with links to more detail 
Planning a trip 4WD planing tips when travelling outback 
Planning a trip Australia for everyone - Current travel information 
Planning a trip Australian Outback travel guide covers a lot more than the usual tourist attractions in Outback Australia. 
Planning a trip Emergency Contacts for Royal Flying Doctory Service 
Planning a trip First hand, practical information about Australian Outback travel is hard to find but here is a link to obtain a free 70 page book 
Planning a trip Flinders Ranges & Outback Travel information 
Planning a trip Outback Communications 
Planning a trip Park Pass including Outback Australia 
Planning a trip Safe Outback Travel notes from the Flying Doctor 
Plants Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) - ANPSA - caters for people interested in Australia's native flora 
Tracks Roads SA conditions 
Wildlife  Animals - Australian Native Mammals, Fish / Marine, insects, spiders, frogs, reptile, birds and much more 
Wildlife  Bats of Australia - List by states 
Wildlife  Snakes - First aid and links to other Australian snake info 
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