Eringa Waterhole SA - Once owned by Sid Kidman. Kidman also named his home in Kapunda and Unley Park, after the Eringa station.


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After many years of looking for a self-contained go anywhere vehicle, COVID-19 provided us with the time to complete the design and build of our new vehicle (Canopy).  We have named it "KAPPA", for the Greek letter for the letter "K"ay.

The canopy is a full -time touring design, not a "slide-on".  Under the deck level is 180L of fresh and 45L of waste water storage, diesel heater for heated water and inside canopy heating, water pump, air compress and air tank. Enter the rear of the canopy (3 steps), to access a shower, flush toilet, vanity, Queen size bed, heaps of storage, lights and heater. Also, there is nearly 2m of standing room, great for us taller people.  The left outside is fitted with pull out fridge (60L), ready to use sink with Hot and Cold running water, 850mm long pantry drawer, four smaller drawers, pot/pan store, diesel cook top, TV, Radio, Console for power and water levels and room for tables, chairs and other items. On the right side is room for two spare wheels, large tool drawer, room for five Jerry cans or bags of fire wood and personal / food storage.  The top is all fibreglass that locks in place. The top is fitted with a solar panel, two air vents and a tree limb protection bar.

All up, it takes less than a minute to set up or pack down.

Since taking the photo below, we have made a few minor changes and is now fitted with an awning unit.  The canopy came in at just over 700kg, but we have since lighten the design to an estimated 620kg, so around 450kg over a standard tray top if one was fitted.

If you want to see the build process, click here and leave your comments.

For the full specification, visit

By the end of 2023 we should have completed our field-testing of the canopy and will have the design and parts ready to sell as a DIY or have others to build and supply.

Safe travels and say G'day.

Gordon & Lesley

Farina SA Bakery New Door 2010

Replacement Farina SA Bakery Door - 2010

I enjoyed my time at Farina in 2010 where one of my many tasks was to weld up a new Oven Door for the bakery.  Farina Restoration Project Group

Our new 4WD Vehicle design and build by us in 2022

Kappa Kanopies