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The Centre 2024

Sunday 28th April to Sunday 25th May 2024 (27 Nights)

A very comprehensive 4WD trip of the southern centre of Australia, visiting spectacular locations.

If you are interested and wish to tag along, email gordon@kay.id.au for further details.

The itinerary provides estimated distances, fuel usage and travel cost based on our vehicle and setup and plans.

27 Nights

Distance : 6500km (Estimated)

Travel Time : 110 hrs (Estimated)

Camping in national parks or bush camps with 4 nights, hotels stay in Alice springs

Not suitable for caravans. About 60% is on dirt tracks (easy to moderate)

Adelaide to Coward Springs

Woomera, Roxy, Andamooka, Borefield track to Coward Springs

Coward Springs to Yulara

William Creek, Coober Pedy, Marla, Erldunda, Yulara, (Eyres Rock & Mt Olga)

Yulara to Alice Springs

Kings Canyon, Gosses Bluff, Hermennsburg, Palm Valley, Boggy Hole, Henbury Crater, Owen Springs

Alice Springs Attractions

West MacDonnell Ranges

East MacDonnell Range to Ruby Gap

Ruby Gap to Eringa

Chambers pillar, Rainbow Valley, Lambert Centre, Finke, Old Andado, Mac Clark's Waddy Trees, Mt Dare, Dalhousie, Abminga, Charlotte Springs

Eringa to Spear Creek

Oodnadatta, Painted Desert, Coober Pedy, Glendambo, Lake Hart

Spear Creek to Adelaide

Melrose, Clare, Gawler